Dies ist meine CD Sammlung
(Stand Februar 2004)

20 Fingers On the Attack and More

Abba Gold

Abba More Abba Gold

AC/DC High Voltage

AC/DC Live

AC/DC If you want blood you've got it

AC/DC Highway to Hell

AC/DC Diry Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

AC/DC Let there be Rock

AC/DC Powerage

AC/DC The Razors Edge

AC/DC Who made Who

Albers, Hans La Paloma

Armstrong, Louis What a wonderful world

Arschgeige, Die Schweinische Lieder

Bach Weihnachtsoratorium (3 CDs)

Bach Weihnachtsoratorium (3 CDs)

Bach Weihnachtsoratorium (3 CDs)

Bach Bauern-Kantate/Kaffe-Kantate

Bach Goldbergvariationen

Bach Toccata & Fugue

Bach Orchestesuiten 1-3

Bach Die Violinkonzerte

Bach Matthäus-Passion

Bartok Konzert für Orchester/Musik für Saiteninstrumente,

Barwasser Herbstdepression

Barwasser Rentnerschwämme

Bassey, Shirley Keep the Music Playing

Bassey, Shirley Diamonds (The best of)

Bassey, Shirley Let me sing and I'm happy

Bassey, Shirley I am what I am

Beach Boys, The 20 Golden Greats

Beatles, The Yellow Submarine

Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour

Beatles, The Beatles For Sale

Beatles, The Let it be

Beatles, The Please Please Me

Beatles, The White Album (Vol 1)

Beatles, The White Album (Vol 2)

Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles, The Abbey Road

Beatles, The Revolver

Beatles, The With the Beatles

Beatles, The A Hard Day's Night

Beatles, The Help

Beatles, The Rubber Soul

Beatles, The 1962 - 1966 (CD 1)

Beatles, The 1962 - 1966 (CD 2)

Beatles, The 1967 - 1970 (CD 1)

Beatles, The 1967 - 1970 (CD 2)

Bee Gees Gold

Beethoven Violinkonzert / Romanzen Nr 1,2

Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 9 (Karajan Edition)

Beethoven Missa Solemnis

Beethoven/Schubert Symphonie Nr. 6/Symphonie Nr. 4 (Tragische)

Beethoven/Schubert Symphonie Nr. 5/Symphonie Nr. 8 (Unvollendete)

Bel Ami Berlin bei Nacht

Belafonte, Harry My Greatest Songs

Bernstein, Leonhard West Side Story

Black Crowes, The Greatest Hits 1990-1999

Blow Monkeys, The Animal Magic

Blues Brothers, The Original Soundtrack Recording

Bob Marley and the Wailers Legend - the best of

Bolton, Michael Best ballads

Bon Jovi New Jersey

Boney M. The Best of

Buckelwale Songs of the Humpback Whale

Bürger Lars Dietrich Dicke Dinger

Bürger Lars Dietrich Was hat man denn vom Leben

C+C Music Factory Gonna make you sweat

Carpendale, Howard Die großen Erfolge

Cher Greatest Hits

Cherry, Neneh Raw like Sushi

Cherry, Neneh Homebrew

Cherry, Neneh Man

Chopin Klavierkonzert Nr. 1

Chopin Walzer

Chopin Nocturnes (Vol 1)

Chopin Nocturnes (Vol 2)

Chopin Preludien

Chopin Janusz Olejniczak (diverse Titel)

Clapton, Eric Timepieces

Clawfinger Deaf Dumb Blind

Clayderman, Richard Memories

Cocker, Joe Night Calls

Cocker, Joe One Night of Sin

Cocker, Joe Cocker

Cocker, Joe No ordinary World

Cohen, Leonard Songs from a Room

Cohen, Leonard Ten New Songs

Collins, Phil … Hits

Comedian Harmonists Die großen Erfolge

Coolio Gangsta's Paradise

Cooper, Alice Trash

Cooper, Alice Greatest Hits

Creedance Clearwater Revival Chronicle

Culture Beat Serenity

Danzer, Georg Unter die Haut

De La Soul 3 Feet high and rising

Diamond, Neil The very best of

Dion, Celine Let's talk about love

Dion, Celine Falling into you

Dire Straits Brothers in Arms

diverse Tanz mit!

diverse Power Maxx

diverse Clair de Lune

diverse Venetian Serenades

diverse Liebestraum

diverse Chansons d'Amour

diverse All Woman (Vol 1)

diverse All Woman (Vol 2)

diverse It's Blues

diverse The Summer of Love

diverse LA Freeway

diverse Born to be wild

diverse Opera Compact Festival

diverse Kuschelrock 2 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 2 (CD 2)

diverse Mega Dance Party 2 (Vol. 1)

diverse Mega Dance Party 2 (Vol. 2)

diverse Abfahrer '92 - 16 Winterolympische Pisten-Hits

diverse Love Box

diverse Kuschelrock 7 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 7 (CD 2)

diverse Twin Peaks

diverse 9 1/2 Weeks

diverse The Romance of the Flute & Harp

diverse Ein bißchen Spaß muß sein (Vol. 1)

diverse ein bißchen Spaß muß sein (Vol. 2)

diverse Simply the Best Classical Album (Vol 1.)

diverse Simply the Best Classical Album (Vol 2.)

diverse Superhits aus der Werbung

diverse Sacred Songs

diverse James Bond Themes

diverse Was fliegt und singt denn da? Vol 1

diverse Was fliegt und singt denn da? Vol 2

diverse Kuschelrock 6 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 6 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 4 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 4 (CD 2)

diverse Eis am Stiel (5. Teil)

diverse Eis am Stiel (1. Teil)

diverse Comedy Club

diverse Pulp Fiction (Soundtrack)

diverse Das große Wunschkonzert der schönsten Volkslieder (CD 1)

diverse Das große Wunschkonzert der schönsten Volkslieder (CD 2)

diverse Das große Wunschkonzert der schönsten Volkslieder (CD 3)

diverse Das große Wunschkonzert der schönsten Volkslieder (CD 4)

diverse Das große Wunschkonzert der schönsten Volkslieder (CD 5)

diverse Kuschelrock 3 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 3 (CD 2)

diverse Eis am Stiel (3. Teil)

diverse Eis am Stiel (6. Teil)

diverse Eis am Stiel (4. Teil)

diverse Kuschelrock 11 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 11 (CD 2)

diverse Eis am Stiel (7. Teil)

diverse Eis am Stiel (2. Teil)

diverse The Very Best of Classical Music (Vol. 1)

diverse The Very Best of Classical Music (Vol. 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 1 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 1 (CD 2)

diverse Eis am Stiel (8. Teil)

diverse Kuschelrock 5 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 5 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 8 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 8 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 9 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 9 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 10 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 10 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 12 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 12 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 13 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 13 (CD 2)

diverse Wayne's World

diverse From Dusk Till Dawn

diverse The Wanderers

diverse American Graffiti (CD 1)

diverse American Graffiti (CD 2)

diverse Weihnachten überall

diverse Weihnachten in Deutschland

diverse Deutsche Weihnacht

diverse Natural Born Killers

diverse Let's have a Party

diverse Fetenhits Oldies (Vol. 1)

diverse Fetenhits Oldies (Vol. 2)

diverse Club Sound 6 (Vol. 1)

diverse Club Sound 6 (Vol. 2)

diverse Club Sound 2 (Vol. 1)

diverse Club Sound 2 (Vol. 2)

diverse Club Sound 5 (Vol. 1)

diverse Club Sound 5 (Vol. 2)

diverse Schlager Bild (Vol. 1)

diverse Schlager Bild (Vol. 2)

diverse Club Sound 4 (Vol. 1)

diverse Club Sound 4 (Vol. 2)

diverse Party Power Pack 70's Kult (Vol. 1)

diverse Party Power Pack 70's Kult (Vol. 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 14 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 14 (CD 2)

diverse Kuschelrock 15 (CD 1)

diverse Kuschelrock 15 (CD 2)

diverse Fetenhits Schlager die 2te (Vol. 1)

diverse Fetenhits Schlager die 2te (Vol. 2)

diverse Fetenhits Schlager (Vol. 1)

diverse Fetenhits Schlager (Vol. 2)

diverse Jenseits von Afrika

diverse Fetenhits NDW (CD1)

diverse Fetenhits NDW (CD2)

diverse Baroque in Italy

diverse Classical Masterworks in Digital

diverse Dying Young

diverse Schokolade zum Frühstück

diverse Rosenbett

diverse Mondscheintarif

diverse Das waren noch Zeiten (CD 1)

diverse Das waren noch Zeiten (CD 2)

diverse Songwriter

diverse Songwriter 2

diverse Starke Party Lieder (Vol. 1)

diverse Starke Party Lieder (Vol. 2)

diverse The 60's forever

diverse Die tollen 60er (CD 1)

diverse Die tollen 60er (CD 2)

diverse Die tollen 60er (CD 3)

diverse Die tollen 60er (CD 4)

diverse Die tollen 60er (CD 5)

diverse Gospels & Spirituals (CD 1)

diverse Gospels & Spirituals (CD 2)

diverse Luderjäger

diverse Hüttenkracher

diverse Die ultimative Après Ski-Party

diverse One Hit Wonders (CD 1)

diverse One Hit Wonders (CD 2)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper

Donovan Greatest Hits

Donovan Catch the Wind

Dr Alban Sing Hallelujah!

Dvorak/Schubert Streichquartette

Earth Wind & Fire Let's Groove - The Best of

Electric Light Orchestra The very best of (CD 1)

Electric Light Orchestra The very best of (CD 2)

En Vogue Funky Divas

Enigma Enigma 2 (The Cross of Changes)

Enigma MCMXC a.D.

Enigma Enigma 3 (Le roi est mort, vive le roi!)

Enya Watermark

Eurythmics Savage

Eurythmics Revenge

Eurythmics 1984

Eurythmics Touch

Eurythmics Be Yourself Tonight

Faith no More Angel Dust

Faithless Reverence

Falco Emotional

Falco Einzelhaft

Falco The Final Curtain

Fantastischen Vier, Die Vier gewinnt

Fantastischen Vier, Die Die Vierte Dimension

Fantastischen Vier, Die Lauschgift

Fantastischen Vier, Die 4:99

Fendrich, Reinhard Wien bei Nacht

Fettes Brot Außen Top Hits innen Geschmack

Fettes Brot Auf einem Auge Blöd

Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Fithgerald Live

Fitzgerald, Ella Compact Jazz

Gaynor, Gloria The very best of

Gipsy Kings Gipsy Kings

Gipsy Kings Mosaique

Gipsy Kings Este Mundo

Górecki III. Symphonie

Gott, Karel Seine größten Hits

Grant, Eddie All the Hits

Grappelli, Stephane Compact Jazz

Grieg Peer Gynt Suite

Grieg/Chopin Klaviekonzerte

Grönemeyer Luxus

Grönemeyer Sprünge

Grönemeyer Ö

Grönemeyer Bochum

Grönemeyer Gemischte Gefühle

Groove Minister Im Hause der Frau Gallenberger

Guns 'n' Roses Use Your Illusion I

Guns 'n' Roses Use Your Illusion II

Guns 'n' Roses Appetite for Destruction

Hagen, Nina Unbehagen

Hagen, Nina Nina Hagen Band

Hanson Middle of Nowhere

Hard Corps, The Back in Black

H-Blockx Time to Move

Hendrix, Jimi Jimi Hendrix

Heroes del Silencio Senderos de traicion

Hooters Definitive Collection

Hope Neurotic Blend

Horn, Guildo & die Orthopädischen Strümpfe Danke

Horn, Guildo & die Orthopädischen Strümpfe Rückkehr nach Mendocino

Horn, Guildo & die Orthopädischen Strümpfe Sternstunden der Zärtlichkeit

Horowitz Horowitz Recital

Hot Chocolate The very best of

Humpe Humpe Humpe Humpe

Humpe Inga & Anete Swimming with Sharks

Idol, Billy 11 of the Best



J.B.O CD 1

J.B.O CD 2

Jackson, Janet Janet

Jackson, Michael Dangerous

Jackson, Michael Thriller

Jackson, Michael Bad

Jackson, Michael History (Vol. 1)

Jackson, Michael History (Vol. 2)

Jamiroquai The Return of the Space Cowboy

Jamiroquai Emergency on Planet Earth

Jamiroquai Travelling without moving

Jarreau, Al Sings Bill Withers

Jarrett, Keith The Köln Concert

Jazzkantine Jazzkantine

Jazzkantine Heiß & Fettig

Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire

John, Elton The very best of (Vol. 1)

John, Elton The very best of (Vol. 2)

John, Elton Love Songs

Jones, Tom Reload

Jones, Tom The very best of

Joplin, Janis Greatest Hits

Joplin, Scott King of Ragtime

Juhnke, Harald That's Life

Jule Neigel Band Wilde Welt

Jule Neigel Band Schatten an der Wand

Jürgens, Udo Aber bitte mit Sahne

Jürgens, Udo Aber bitte mit Sahne II

Kaiser, Roland Die grossen Erfolge

Kelly Family, The Almost Heaven

Kenny G Duotones

Kenny G Greatest Hits

King, Carole Tapestry

Kinks, The You really got me

Kravitz, Lenny Are You gonna go my way

Kravitz, Lenny Mama said

Kravitz, Lenny Let love rule

Krüger, Mike Der Nippel

Lassie Singers, Die helfen dir

Leander, Zarah Die großen Erfolge

Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin Presence

Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti (CD 1)

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti (CD 2)

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin In through the out door

Lennon, Julian Help Yourself

Lennox, Annie Medusa

Les Rita Mitsouko Marc & Robert

Les Rita Mitsouko The Nocomprendo

Limp Bizkit chocolate starfisch and the hot dog flavored water

Limp Bizkit Significant Other

Limp Bizkit Three dollar bill, ya all

Lindenberg, Udo Panik-Panther

Lindenberg, Udo CasaNova

Lindenberg, Udo Feuerland

Lindenberg, Udo Dröhnland Symphonie

Lindenberg, Udo Radio Eriwahn

Lindenberg, Udo Phönix

Lindenberg, Udo Panische Nächte

Lindenberg, Udo Ball Pompös

Lindenberg, Udo Lindenbergs Rock Revue

Lippe, Jürgen von der König der City

Lotto King Karl Bier her now

Lucilectric Mädchen

Madonna The Immaculate Collection

Mahler Lieder, Adagietto

Mamas & The Papas, The Daydream

Marek & Wacek Play Favourite Melodies

Marusha Raveland

Mc Solaar Prose Combat

Mc Solaar Qui seme le vent recolte le tempo

Meat Loaf Bat out of Hell II

Megavier Megavier

Metallica Metallica

Mey, Reinhard Die großen Erfolge

Minogue, Kylie Enjoy Yourself

Minogue, Kylie Kylie

Moby Play

Modern Talking Back For Good

Modern Talking The 1st Album

Moore, Gary Still got the Blues

Morricone, Ennio Les plus belles musiques

Mother's Finest Mother's Finest Live

Mozart Requiem

Mozart Klarinettenkonzert/Konzert für Flöte und Harfe

Mozart Don Giovanni

Mozart/Mendelssohn Violinkonzerte (Nr. 5)

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Geiler is' schon

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Mit Pfefferminz bin ich dein Prinz

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Ganz allein krieg ich's nicht hin

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Das erste mal

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Halleluja

Müller-Westernhagen, Marius Radio Maria

Münchener Freiheit Schenk mir eine Nacht

Nena Die Band

Nickleback Silver Side Up

Nirvana Nevermind

Oomph! Sperm

Orff Carmina Burana

Otto Das Wort zum Montag

Ougenweide Liederbuch

Pavarotti diverse (3 CDs)

Pavarotti diverse (3 CDs)

Pavarotti diverse (3 CDs)

Pavarotti & Friends Children of Bosnia

Pavarotti & Friends The very Best

Pearl Jam Ten

Piaf, Edit 25e Anniversaire (Vol 1)

Piaf, Edit 25e Anniversaire (Vol 2)

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd Meddle

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

Portishead Dummy

Presley, Elvis Elvis in Concert (Vol. 1)

Presley, Elvis Elvis in Concert (Vol. 2)

Presley, Elvis NBC-TV Special

Presley, Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite

Presley, Elvis Elvis (die zweite)

Presley, Elvis For LP Fans only

Presley, Elvis Elvis' Golden Records

Presley, Elvis Loving You

Presley, Elvis His Hand in Mine

Presley, Elvis Blue Hawaii

Presley, Elvis Elvis' Christmas Album

Presley, Elvis Pot Luck

Presley, Elvis The Wonderful World of Christmas

Presley, Elvis G.I. Blues

Presley, Elvis as recorded at madison square garden

Presley, Elvis Elvis' Gold Records Vol. 4

Presley, Elvis Elvis' Gold Records Vol. 3

Presley, Elvis Now

Presley, Elvis Elvis Presley (die erste)

Presley, Elvis Good Times

Presley, Elvis Something for Everybody

Presley, Elvis He touched me

Presley, Elvis Promised Land

Presley, Elvis 50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong

Presley, Elvis Today

Presley, Elvis Burning Love

Presley, Elvis Moody Blue

Presley, Elvis Having Fun on Stage

Presley, Elvis A date with Elvis

Presley, Elvis Elvis is back

Presley, Elvis King Creole

Presley, Elvis Raised on Rock

Presley, Elvis Gold Records Volume 5

Presley, Elvis Graceland

Presley, Elvis In Person

Presley, Elvis Back in Memphis

Presley, Elvis 30 #1 Hits

Presley, Elvis Fool Album

Presley, Elvis How Great Thou Art

Presley, Elvis On Stage

Presley, Elvis Elvis for Everyone

Presley, Elvis From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

Presley, Elvis That's the way it is

Presley, Elvis Love Letters from Elvis

Presley, Elvis Christmas with Elvis

Presley, Elvis From Elvis in Memphis

Prince Love Symbol

Prince Batman

Prince Lovesexy

Prince Parade

Prince Purple Rain

Prince 1999

Prince & the New Power Generation Diamonds and Pearls

Prince & the Revolution Around the World in a Day

Prinzen, Die Das Leben ist grausam

Prinzen, Die Küssen Verboten!

Prinzen, Die Alles nur geklaut

Prinzen, Die Schweine

Prinzen, Die Alles mit'm Mund

Prodigy The Fat of the Land

Prokofiev Romeo & Julia (Vol. 1)

Prokofiev Romeo & Julia (Vol. 2)

Prokofiev/Tschaikowsky Peter und der Wolf / Schwanensee

Puccini Tosca

Pur Abenteuerland

Purple Schulz Sehnsucht

Purple Schulz & die Neue Heimat Hautnah

Queen The Works

Queen The Miracle

Queen Live Killers (Vol 1)

Queen Live Killers (Vol 2)

Queen Live Magic

Queen A Kind of Magic

Queen Innuendo

Queen Jazz

Queen Hot Space

Queen Flash Gordon

Queen Queen II

Queen Sheer Heart Attack

Queen A night at the Opera

Queen A day at the Races

Queen News of the World

Raabe, Max und das Palast Orchester Von Kakteen und Gorillas

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.3 / 5 Preludes

Rachmaninov/Franck Piano Concerto No.2 / Sinfonische Variationen

Rage against the Machine Rage against the Machine

Ramazzotti, Eros Musica é

Ramazzotti, Eros In Certi Momenti

Ramazzotti, Eros In ogni Senso

Rammstein Herzeleid

Rammstein Sehnsucht

Rammstein Mutter

Rea, Chris The best of

Rea, Chris The very best of

Reed, Lou The best of

Reiser, Rio Durch die Wand

Reiser, Rio ***

Reiser, Rio Blinder Passagier

Reiser, Rio Rio I

Remmler, Stefan Stephan Remmler

Remmler, Stefan Lotto

Remmler, Stefan Vamos

Richie, Lionel Renaissance

Right Said Fred Up

Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt Direkt aus Rödelheim

Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt Zurück nach Rödelheim

Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez

Rosenberg, Marianne Er gehört zu mir

RTL Samstag Nacht Keep Clean!

Rühmann, Heinz Die grössten Hits

Sade Love Deluxe

Sade Stronger than Pride

Sade Promise

Sade Diamond Life

Saitensprung Vorsicht Folk

Santana Supernatural

Schubert Die schöne Müllerin

Schürzenjäger 25 Jahre (Vol. 1)

Schürzenjäger 25 Jahre (Vol. 2)

Scorpions Animal Magnetism

Scorpions Crazy World

Scorpions Savage Amusement

Scorpions Lovedrive

Scorpions Love at first Sting

Scorpions Virgin Killer

Scorpions Taken by Force

Scorpions Fly to the Rainbow

Scorpions In Trance

Scorpions Blackout

Scorpions Face the Heat

Seal Seal (1991)

Seal Seal (1994)

Secret Service The Very Best of

Seger, Bob Greatest Hits

Segundo, Compay Lo Mejor de la Vida

Selig Selig

Simon and Garfunkel The greatest Hits

Sister Sledge the very best of

Slipknot Slipknot

Slipknot Iowa

Smokie The Collection

Snap The Madman's return

Snap World Power

Springsteen, Bruce Greatest Hits

Squier, Billy Enough is enough

Status Quo Whatever you want (Vol. 1)

Status Quo Whatever you want (Vol. 2)

Stevens, Cat The Very Best Of

Strauß, Johann, d. J. diverse (Single CD)

Supertramp The very best of

Tears for Fears The Seeds of Love

Telarc For Your Ears Only

The The Infected

Thomas d Solo

Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe

Tone Loc Loc-ed After Dark

U2 Zooropa

Ugly Kid Joe America's least wanted

US 3 Hand on the torch

Veen, Hermann van Live in Wien

Verdi Rigoletto

Vivaldi The Four Seasons

Vogelstimmen So singen unsere Vögel (Vol 1)

Vogelstimmen So singen unsere Vögel (Vol 2)

Voyager Recordings Symphonies of the Planets (Vol. 1)

Voyager Recordings Symphonies of the Planets (Vol. 2)

Voyager Recordings Symphonies of the Planets (Vol. 3)

Voyager Recordings Symphonies of the Planets (Vol. 4)

Voyager Recordings Symphonies of the Planets (Vol. 5)

Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen (Höhepunkte) (2 CDs)

Wagner Der Ring (2. Teil)

Waits, Tom Franks Wild Years

Waits, Tom Rain Dogs

Waits, Tom Blue Valentine

Wecker, Konstantin Stilles Glück, trautes Heim

Wecker, Konstantin Wieder dahoam

Wecker, Konstantin Weckerleuchten

Wecker, Konstantin Die sadopoetischen Gesänge

Who, the The very best of

Williams, Robbie Life thru a Lens

Williams, Robbie I've been expecting you

Williams, Robbie Escapology

Withers, Bill Greatest Hits

Yello Flag

Yello Stella

Yello Baby

Zamfir, Gheorge Romantic Dreams

Zander, Frank Die unglaublichen Hits von

Zappa, Frank Sheik Yerbouti

Zillertaler Schürzenjäger Rock auf der Alm

Zucchero Greatest Hits

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